Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keenan is off to college

International Baccalaureate Programme done. On to Saint Olaf.
Thank you everyone at Windermere Prep and the Meritas system.

Yeah, it's ridiculous. He cooks and dances and sings, too. And, Gwandaddy can assure you that four years from now when I watch him Walk at St. Olaf, his academic track record will yet again shine brightly at the next level. His grandmother and I pledge to help assure that.

To his Momma: the words "pride" and "gratitude" sum it up.


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  1. Brother Bobby
    I can tell you are one PROUD GRAND DAD!!!!!. PLease send my love to Danielle. The smile I remember is on his face. She must be incredibly proud!!! BRAVO! Much love to you all MJ